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6 Military Homecoming Ideas

January 3, 2015 by
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Military homecomings are a joyful time for service members and their friends and families. There is an indescribable surge of emotions felt by wives welcoming their husbands back, mothers embracing their sons or daughters, and new fathers holding their babies for the first time. Preparing for a service member’s return can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Make your loved one feel at home with Military Service Company’s list of thoughtful homecoming ideas.

1. Make a banner.
Seeing your “Welcome Home” banner from afar will fill your service member with excitement as he or she rushes to greet you. And your sign accomplishes a practical purpose, too—it helps you stand out amid a crowd of eager families. If you have children, allow them to decorate a banner that expresses their pride in a returning mom or dad.

2. Welcome with immediate family.
A congested airport isn’t the best place to gather every person your service member knows. Save large parties for your return home—whether that it’s the day of their arrival or a few days later. It’s easier for service members to decompress while spending quality time with a small, select group. Consult your military loved one and bring the people (and cherished pet) he or she wants to see.

3. Decorate your home.
Welcome service members home with decorations that honor their dedication to our country. Hang a flag outside your home and recognize their branch of service with a custom doormat imprinted with their insignia. This meaningful display is a simple yet poignant gesture your service member will always remember.

4. Prepare their favorite meals.
Whether it’s fast food or a four-course meal, your service member will be eager to enjoy their favorite foods. Stock your house with preferred snacks and beverages, and plan a menu of special meals for their arrival. Before inviting guests over for a large celebration, be sure your service member is rested and ready for the attention.

5. Present a special gift.
Commemorate their service with an engraved pocket watch or wrist watch. Express a special sentiment or use our phrasing: “In honor of <name> who returned on <date> from <his or her> service in <deployment location>.” A custom shadow box is another unique gift idea for displaying their awards, ribbons, and unit patches.

6. Allow them to rest.
This last step may be the most important. After traveling across time zones, your service member will need rest to recover from jet lag. Lay out a comfy t-shirt and sweatpants, so they won’t have to dig through their duffle bag for something to wear. After months of obeying strict orders, let your service member set the agenda. Likely, relaxing at home will be their top request.

Make their homecoming a special one. Browse our extensive collection of patriotic gifts and doormats. Contact MSC to customize yours today!

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