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Where Can the Military Take You?

March 1, 2015 by
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Want to travel the world, receive money for college, and learn skills for the future? Whether you’re looking for fulfilling life of adventure or feel called to serve to your country, the military offers a unique experience for anyone who decides to join. Where can the military take you? Check out 5 amazing benefits service members in the armed forces enjoy.

1. Education

Rising tuition rates prevent many people from attending college or continuing their education. But what if your tuition was completely paid? The military offers members countless ways to access higher learning. The American Council on Education and the DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Support) program allow you to apply your military service toward college credit hours, so you can work toward your degree while you serve. For more information on the Montgomery GI Bill, student loan repayment, and military colleges, speak with a recruiter or consult each branch’s website.

2. Travel

The old WWI recruitment slogan, “Join the Navy, and See the World” is just as true today. From Italy and Germany to Saudi Arabia and Guam, the U.S. military has hundreds of bases around the world. Most people dream of traveling the world but never get the chance. Luckily for members of the armed forces, money and vacation time aren’t a hindrance. Just pack your duffle bag and fill your journey mug with coffee, and you’re ready for your next journey.

3. Training

What’s better than earning money while learning a skill you can use in future? The military offers specialized training for the hundreds of jobs required for operations to run smoothly. Learn a new language, practice military law, or operate a plane—numerous options are available to you. These transferrable skills make you an outstanding job candidate upon return to civilian life.

4. Benefits

Can you imagine having 30 days of paid vacation? First-year service members enjoy this benefit without putting in several years of work. Free housing, medical care, and meals are just a few additional incentives you might receive. Plus, you can start collecting retirement pay after 20 years of service. Retiring from the military at an early age gives you time to pursue new dreams or put your military skills to work in another field.

5. Service

The freedoms offered by the United States Constitution depend on the courage and dedication of its armed forces. This important mission provides purpose and focus for the men and women who defend our country’s principles. The life lessons learned through military service are incalculable, but those who have served can attest that this experience forever enhances their lives.

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