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5 Easy Steps to Customize Military Coins

September 3, 2014 by
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From the Romans, who received coins as extra payment for heroic feats in battle, to our own American soldiers, who used coins to identify themselves in battle during WWII, challenge coins have been an integral military tradition the world over. Today, both soldiers and civilians show patriotism by collecting customized military coins. With thousands of available design combinations, Military Service Company (MSC) makes the decision process easy. Here are five important details to consider when customizing your coin.

We offer four different sizes of coin: 1.5’’, 1.75’’, 2’’, and 3.5’’.  Branch out from the basic circular shape to ovals, shields, and other die-cut shapes. Pick whatever you think will look best slammed on a bar when you challenge your friends for drinks.

What would the coin be without its demarcating insignia? Be it your military branch symbol, company logo, or your personal mark, MSC can provide it.

Brass or nickel alloys offer lasting strength, while silver or gold result in a truly valuable custom coin. Each coin’s antique, pewter, or high-gloss finish can be designed to accommodate any custom design as well as sequential numbering. MSC coins are finished with a range of metals from bronze, silver, plate, and gold. Whatever finish you think showcases your organization in the best way, we can do it. Keep it classic or get flashy, it is entirely up to you.

Personalize your coin with details such as a customizable rope edge or a diamond swirl cut. Edging offers your coin interest and dimension that you not only see, but also feel. It also gives you something to grasp when you are passing coins off in a secret handshake.

There’s a wide range of displays, lanyards, pouches, and key chains that can highlight your coin. Velvet boxes and pouches add a distinctive touch when a coin is presented. Coin holders, coin stands, and paperweights display well-earned commemorative coins where all can admire them.

Customize your military coins today!

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